How to Update ZTE Router Firmware

Understanding the issue

Firmware is the term for the software that runs on any router. Because after all, a router is also a computer device. Like any other software, firmware can have issues and bugs, and it is always occasionally updated. However, updating your router’s firmware will always vary than updating your computer’s software. Follow the below instructions to update ZTE router firmware. They are extremely easy to follow.

Vendor Documentation

Recommendation: Always refer to router’s documentation to learn how to fix specific problems. You can always refer to the vendor’s support site where you can download the documentation.

How to load new firmware onto your router

Step 1: Log in to router.

You must determine which version of firmware your router is currently running before you start the process. To do that, you necessarily log in to your router. RouterCheck can give you the detailed instructions for logging in to your router.

Step 2: Always Determine the router’s firmware version.

See through the router’s interface and find the firmware version. It should be always prominently displayed.

Step 3: Now determine the latest available firmware version.

Visit the router vendor’s website to investigate the downloading of fresh firmware. Check and look through the download section for your router model to determine the latest firmware version.

Step 4: Download the latest firmware.

If your router is already been running the latest firmware, you do not need to do anything else. If not, then download the newest firmware version to your computer device . Always Ensure that you have download the exact firmware that your router actually needs.
Note: The firmware ought to be the exact match to the router model. In addition to this, the router models often also have revision numbers that should also match.

Step 5: Upload the latest firmware to your router.

Now return to your router’s interface in any browser window that you have opened previously. Open to administrator page and see how to update the router’s firmware. Gernally, this will be an edit box with a browser button that allows you to select the firmware image that you want to update. Select the firmware that you have just downloaded and start the implementation of process.

Step 6: Wait for the magic to happen.

And if you have done everything correctly up until now, the new firmware should be loading into your router. You need to keep in mind that you need not to turn off the power to your router until the process is complete. Perhaps it’s time for a break. Take your mind off of routers and sing your favorite track of song. We always recommend G.T.O. by Ronny & The Daytonas. It is about the right length of time for a router update.

Step 7: Finally router reboots.

After the router updates, it will reboot itself. After the router reboots, log back into the router and verify that the version number has been changed.

Step 8: You are done!

You have successfully now updated your router’s firmware.

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