How To Update Zonet Router Firmware Software

Firmware upgrades are basically for general improvements and bug fixes.

Below are the steps which are given below to perform a firmware upgrade for Zonet:


  1. Always check the version of Zonet and model number so that the user can download the right firmware
  2. Visit the Zonet Support Site, and accept the license agreement, and download the firmware file.
  3. Connect the router to your computer.
    It is always recommended to upgrade firmware through wired connections only.
  4. Access the routers web-based setup page from any internet browser.
  5. Enter the login credentials in the given space provided.
  6. Click on Administration Tab and click on Firmware Upgrade.
  7. Click the browse button which is present there.
  8. Find the file that the user have downloaded from the support site and then click Open.
  9. Click on the Start Upgrade option and Continue when it prompts if the Upgrade has been successful.
  10. Now TURN OFF and then TURN ON the router to complete process of upgrade.


Zonet Router Login

Zonet Router Login: To setup & configure the Zonet router, it is very obligatory to access the Zonet router default login page. Kindly check the router bottom area to find Zonet Router IP Address and Zonet default password

Default Zonet Router Login

Zonet Router Default Login is very much needed to set, enable/disable, change necessary router settings such as., change the username/password, enable/disable network connectivity, upgrade firmware software, reset the router to factory setting, and much more. There are several models in Zonet for consumers. But the login procedure remains the same throughout any Zonet model.

Zonet Router Login Instruction Guide

If you have purchased the new router, the very first thing required to do is, setting up the router. To perform that, log in to the Zonet router is required. We are helping the user with a detailed guide.

Below instructions will help the user on how to login to my Zonet router:
  1. The first step is to connect the router with the laptop/computer PC by using the LAN cable or you can use Zonet wifi and connect to router through the wireless network.
  2. After connecting, use any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Internet explorer of any user choice and type the Zonet router address in the browser address bar. If you are not able to find it then kindly check the back-side of the router.
  3. After accessing the router admin panel, fill both the username and password from the above table. User can find in the default username and password for Zonet at the back-side of the router.

NOTE: The best way to connect with the router is through a wired connection using a LAN Cable which always avoids uninterrupted connection whenever any setting is saved.

The above instructions are very simple and easy to follow. We hope this tutorial was really helpful with Zonet login. After getting access to router admin, the user can do any of the above options:

• Setting up the Router
• Router Configuration
• Change Zonet password
• Reset to Factory settings
• Upgrade Firmware

Zonet Router Setup:

We will show the users how exact they can setup Zonet for internet connection.
Kindly fsollow the below steps to setup Zonet:

  1. Connect to router and access the router admin interface.
  2. Enter the default open source credentials in the provided given field and log into the router.
  3. Click on the Quick Setup option and choose the necessary settings to configure the network connection.
  4. Complete the setup and save the necessary option.
  5. Click on Save in order to complete the setup.

Zonet Router Configuration:

The procedure is relatively very simple, like the instructions that have already been provided.

Follow the below steps to configure Zonet settings:
  1. Connect to router and access the router admin page.
  2. Log in to the router by filling in the login details in the provided given field.
  3. Now, the user will be able to access several router settings.
  4. Enable DNS setting, and configure tri-band settings,
  5. Click on the required section, and enable or change the settings as per the user convenience and required requirement.

Change the Zonet Router Password:

After checking and validating the Zonet admin interface with the default password and login, follow the below steps to change the Zonet password.

To change the router default password:
  1. Navigate to System Tools/Settings.
  2. Select the Password option from sub-menu.
  3. Verify old username and password.
  4. Enter the new username and password.
  5. Save the settings & restart the router.
To change the Wireless security password:
  1. Click on the Wireless tab and then click on Wireless Security sub-menu.
  2. Several security options are present to pick from. Select the WPA/WPA2 – Personal option.
  3. Now type the wireless password in the respective field box. This will be the user’s wi-fi password.
  4. Click on the Save to save the new wifi password.

Reset Zonet to Factory Settings:

Follow the below steps to factory reset your Zonet:
  1. Find the Reset button i.e. present on the router. It is mostly present at the back of the router. Use pen or a paper clip to press and hold it for about 30 seconds.
  2. Observe the LED light on the router. If it blinks or flashes, that means your router is resetting.
  3. Unplug the router from the power supply for 30 seconds and plug it back in to complete the reset network process.


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