How to Update Router Firmware

Your router is like a protected gate that will protect all your WiFi devices from hackers. You have to keep your firmware up to date because you need to remember this thing that router can’t block new threats. Here’s how to update router firmware to enhance the performance of all your machine and devices and further improve your home security.


How to Update Your Router

To update your router’s firmware, type in your router’s IP address into your web browser and enter your login information. Then locate the Update section or Firmware and download the latest firmware update for router on your specific router manufacturer’s website. And finally, upload the update and reboot the router.

Note: Your computer ought to connected to your router’s network. You won’t be able to access your router’s settings if you are outside or not in the reach of your router’s WiFi network.


  • Type your router IP address into the search bar of any of web browser. If you do not know what your router’s IP address is, check out our article on how to find your router’s IP address.

Note: If you see the screen that may warns you about your connection, you can click Proceed or Advanced > Proceed. This occurs due to the absence of SSL certificate in respective of any domain.


how to update router firmware

  • Enter your username and password. If this is your first time logging into your router, you can find the log in information in your router itself or router’s manual

Note: Use the default login information if you don’t remember your router’s username and password.


firmware update for router

  • Locate the Firmware or Update section. This can usually be found in the Advanced, Management, Administration, or section. The location of this can vary that too depend on the making and model of your router.Netgear Router

Note: If you do not see this section, make sure to check your manufacturer’s website for steps specific to the make and the model of your router. Some routers also get firmware update for router automatically, so you might not be able to update it manually.

  • Go to your router manufacturer’s website. You can simply search for your specific router’s model number to find the firmware update files.
  • Download the firmware update file. This is often contained in a “.ZIP” file, which is mostly a compressed folder containing one or more files. Make sure you are downloading the firmware update that is specifically for your router model.Netgear Router
  • Extract the file and move it to your desktop. Since the files come in a ZIP file, you will have to extract it, means need to move the files from the compressed folder to an alternate location. Open that particular ZIP file and extract the firmware files out.
  • In the Update section, click on Browse or Choose File.
  • Select the router update file on your desktop. This will mostly be an image file, and the largest file in the ZIP folder you downloaded.
  • Start the upgrade process. This can be achieved by clicking on a button like Update, or it might start automatically.
  • Wait for the process to finish. Note that the update process can take few minutes, and it is very important that you don’t interrupt it. If you unplug or turn off the router, it may render the device unusable and can cause irreversible damage to your router.
  • Reboot the router once the firmware has been fully applied. This should happen automatically, but if it does not, you have to manually restart the router by pressing and holding down the reset button, which is usually found at the back of the device. Press and hold the button for 10 to 12 seconds or more. And you will see your lights flickering in turn off and on mode.Netgear Nighthawk x6

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