Shenzhen MTN Electronics Router Firmware Upgrade

Shenzhen MTN Electronics Router Firmware Software Update:
Firmware updates are mostly for bug fixes and general enhancements.

Here are a few steps below to modify the firmware for Shenzhen MTN Electronics:

  1. Check the Shenzhen MTN Electronics model number and version so that the user can download the correct firmware.
  2. Go to the MTN Electronics Support Site in Shenzhen, sign the licencing agreement, and download the firmware file.
  3. Connect the router to your device. [ Shenzhen MTN Electronics Router Firmware Upgrade ]
  4. It is advised that firmware upgrades be made via wired connections only.
  5. Access the web-based configuration page of the routers from any web browser.
  6. Enter the login details in the room given.
  7. Click the Administratio button
  8. Find the option the user downloaded from the help server, and then press Open.
  9. Press the Start Upgrade option and Continue when it prompts that the Upgrade has been successful.
  10. Now TURN OFF and then TURN ON the router to complete the upgrade.


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