How to Firmware update for ReadyNet?

Update ReadyNet Router Firmware Software: Firmware enhancements are mostly for error fixes and general changes.

Here are the steps below to implement a firmware update for ReadyNet:

  • Check the model number and version of ReadyNet so that the user can update the appropriate firmware.
  • Go to the ReadyNet Support Site, sign your licencing agreement, and download the firmware file.
  • Connect the router to your device.
  • It is advised that firmware upgrades be made via wired connections only.
  • Access the web-based configuration page of the routers from any web browser.
  • Enter the login details in the room given.
  • Click the Administration Tab and then click the Firmware Upgrade button.
  • Click the bottom of the browser
  • Locate the file the user downloaded from the help server, and then press Open.
  • Click the Start Upgrade option and continue while prompting the upgrade to be successful.
  • Now Power OFF and then Switch ON the modem to finish the update.

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